Most people are trying to change their eating habits from a normal diet to a vegan / vegetarian diet but there are some factors that make it difficult to change it completely. Fortunately The Healthiest Choice has a the perfect solution for vegetarian / Vegan Food in Barcelona.

You will never get bored of eating vegan food in Barcelona again

One of the main advantages of eating The Healthiest Choice’s dishes is that we have a great variety of dishes, meaning you will only repeat the food once every 3 weeks, ensuring you won’t get bored with our food.

As we have the normal dish of the day we also have the vegetarian / vegan version for anyone who is looking to eat delicious & healthy vegan food in Barcelona.

Tofu is not the only source of vegan protein

Tofu / Vegan food in Barcelona

There are a lot of misconceptions about following a vegan diet because of the how hard is to have a good intake of protein that doesn’t have animals as a source. Fortunately our vegan food in barcelona has several sources of vegan protein apart from tofu. 

Among the options of vegan proteins we offer our clients Shiitake mushrooms or Portobellos, as well as our home made vegan pulled pork made out of Jackfruit. To substitute the meat in our dishes we use texturised Soy because its flavour and texture is very similar to real meat.

How to order? 

Ordering from The Healthiest Choice is really easy, just go to our website and click on Our Menu which will take you to the current weekly plan. After that just select the dishes you would like to get and the nutritional requirements you need. Finally proceed to checkout and mark as a requirement that you want the vegan option.

If you have any other doubt our food or our vegan food, don’t hesitate to contact us .