The Healthiest Choice

It all started as a project in August 2017 by Jessica Chica, who is a nurse specialized in clinical nutrition. Working long hours in hospitals, she realized she was only temporarily treating people’s illnesses instead getting to the root of the problem. Through her experience, she learned that the primary cause of the most fatal chronic diseases is poor nutritional choices.

She stepped away from her nursing career on a mission to improve public health by providing delicious, all-natural, home-made, nutrient rich meals to Barcelona's population.

We believe the healthiest food is the one you enjoy eating the most. That's why our dishes are designed specifically for the enjoyment of our clients.

Consistency is the healthiest habit of them all. The variety of our dishes ensures that our clients never get bored.

Our mission is to guide people in the process of changing habits. We do this by offering the best possible tools to carry out those changes. Weekly menus and nutrition coaching are just a few of the tools we have at our disposal to live a healthier life.

Food can be one of the most exquisite pleasures in life and that pleasure should not be lost at the expense of ‘being healthy’. Healthy does not mean dull & boring.
However, lack of time often prevents us from preparing something healthy for lunch. In the past, we tried to recommend various healthy food delivery options to our clients but we always thought something was missing in the different ‘healthy food’ services.

Not enough veggies, unhealthy oils, or healthy dishes with no taste at all. Instead of complaining, we began to design different dishes that I we considered perfect for us, that had everything our bodies required. That’s when designing healthy, tasty, micro & macronutrient balanced dishes became more than just a hobby.

Healthy food in barcelona