Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily require making a huge 180-degree lifestyle changes. Just keep it simple and stick to some habits you know you can accomplish, this way you can create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and your way of living.

1. Set a Goal in your calendar 

One of the most efficient advice for staying dedicated to a healthy lifestyle is setting timely and particular objectives.

People strive to put open-ended objectives such as “I want to loose 20 pounds … eventually ” when it goes to weight losing. But when faced with a plate of dessert at work, having such a general goal makes it too easy to say, “Ehh, it’s okay, one won’t hurt.”

So, if your objective is to loose 20 pounds, put a particular start time to assist keep you on track whenever temptations or cravings strike. Keeping an eye on this short-term objective will help you stay focused so you can say, “I don’t really need cookies right now.”

2. Make a Plan you can stick to

Once you settle on a objective and get it on the calendar, it’s simple to get a bit too ambitious and put unrealistic rules like, “I’m going to avoid going out to eat , cook snacks every week, and consume good, nutritious food every time.”

All good things to strive for, but it won’t be like that, wanna know why? Because life happens.

If you’re feeling hungry or overwhelmed, you’ll be more likely to fall off the wagon if you don’t have a realistic plan in place.

But just because your meeting went late, or you slept over, or you didn’t have time to prepare meals, it doesn’t mean you can’t adhere to your healthy eating objective.

That’s why it’s important to create a practical, flexible plan that works for you.

3. Practice Your Plan

You might get too confident about your ability to control an eating situation but it’s a fact that you might screw up sometimes. We are not perfect and these things take practice and time. Your are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, it won’t happen immediately.

4. Learn to say no

We are thrown hundred of decision in a day, most of them are related to food. It sounds like a lot but think about it: the vending machines at work, candies in the checkout line, donuts in the breakroom, the tempting choice of sides that come with lunch, your kids’ leftovers — the list goes on and on.

The regular food parade can be infinite and can actually hamper your capacity to remain coherent. Just ask yourself:  “Do I need this opportunity to eat?” Asking yourself this question before you reach for that bag of chips gives you the opportunity to figure out whether or not you really want to have it.

5. Stay Accountable

Accountability is everything because in those moments of weakness, you’ll want a reminder of how important it is to stay on-track.

Accountability can come in many forms. For instance, if you’re in the habit of tracking your food, you may not want that second helping if you know you need to write it down.

If you need help with your accountability you can try our nutrition program at The Healthiest Choice, we will help you track all your food and set realistic goals while you attain your healthy lifestyle.