The Healthiest Choice Barcelona

Nowadays it’s very simple to order food through apps like Glovo, Ubereats & Deliveroo. Just a few clicks and your food is on the way, this happens specially with people that work in big companies which pay for their employees food.

Ordering Healthy Food in Barcelona

It’s true that these kind of apps offer a lot of options to their users but almost none of them have healthy food in Barcelona for every day and the menu can be repetitive and dull. 

That is one of the main problems when it comes to eating healthy, you either have to cook your own food or order take away which is normally salads and boring food. What these two options have in common is that none of them meet what your body needs in terms of nutrients.

The Healthiest Choice is the Best Choice for Healthy food in Barcelona

At The Healthiest Choice we manage our own concept of food. For us The Healthiest food is the one you enjoy eating the most. That’s why our dishes are designed specifically for the enjoyment of our clients. 

Consistency is the healthiest habit of them all. The  variety of our dishes ensures that our clients never get bored of eating healthy and at the same time they can enjoy healthy food in barcelona made by real chefs.

The Healthiest Choice’s Menu

Our menu has been though to contain dishes from all over the world, from Indian cuisine & Oriental dishes to the everyday mediterranean food that we all love, regular & homemade recipes with a twist from our chefs, ensuring that you will never get bored ordering healthy food in Barcelona.

Healthy food in barcelona
Healthy food in barcelona

How to order?

Ordering from us is really simple, you can visit our website and click on OUR MENU to see what dishes we are cooking in the current week & place your order online ( we only accept orders in the Barcelona area ). Once this is done you will get your food between 11 – 1. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can also visit our Protein Bar right on the beachfront from La Barceloneta