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5 reasons to order healthy food in Barcelona

The Health Benefits of Almonds

Among the most common tree nuts in the world we can find almonds. They have a lot of good fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Almonds Provide a lots of nutrients You can buy almonds in almost any food store, they may come raw or roasted (try not to buy this kind because they are fried) and these nuts are used…

5 ways of mantaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The health benefits of butter

There are a lot of misconceptions about the consumption of butter in our diet. Some people say it's bad because of all the fat and cholesterol but most people forget that not all fats are bad, as a matter of fact, there are different types of fats. On this post we will talk about the health benefits of butter. CLA…

The Benefits of eating Peanut Butter + healthy recipe

The benefits of meat in your diet might be the healthiest choice

5 Ways of keeping an organised fridge and reduce food waste

The need of having a clean fridge is not only for a good appearance, it is also vital to reduce the food waste we produce when we don’t consume what we already have due to the mess. Besides all this, having a messy fridge gives the appearance that there is not enough room to storage your food, making it even…
Healthy food in barcelona

7 Tips to save on purchases and reduce food waste

Options for Vegan Food in Barcelona

Most people are trying to change their eating habits from a normal diet to a vegan / vegetarian diet but there are some factors that make it difficult to change it completely. Fortunately The Healthiest Choice has a the perfect solution for vegetarian / Vegan Food in Barcelona. You will never get bored of eating vegan food in Barcelona again…
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Healthy food in Barcelona & where to find it

Nowadays it’s very simple to order food through apps like Glovo, Ubereats & Deliveroo. Just a few clicks and your food is on the way, this happens specially with people that work in big companies which pay for their employees food. Ordering Healthy Food in Barcelona It’s true that these kind of apps offer a lot of options to their…