Mercat de la Barceloneta
Pla├ža Poeta Bosca, 1
08003 Barcelona

This is not just another Brunch Restaurant

Brunch by The Healthiest Choice has been a project that our team has been working on for the first couple of months of 2019

It is not meant to be the typical brunch restaurant everyone knows. We are different.

Our menu for Brunch by the Healthiest Choice is designed to embrace different cultures and mix them in one same place.

Freshness & Authenticity in every bite

Discover new flavours

Our Brunch mixes different flavours & cultures in our dishes to provide new experiences


All our food is designed by our chefs and our nutrition coach to be healthy and delicious at the same time. You can even find all the Macros in our menu in the case you are tracking what you eat

There is an option for everyone

We don't leave anyone behind

At Brunch by the Healthiest Choice we have designed our menu to be inclusive with meat lovers as well as vegans, you just have to ask our staff to make any dish vegan and we will substitute our sources of protein for vegan sources of protein


*We also provide options for people with gluten intolerance

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