Healthy food in barcelona

You go to the supermarket, you do the weekly shopping keeping in mind that you are going to cook for the whole week. Days go by, the plans change and you end up throwing half of the vegetables you bought at the beginning of the week and you can’t reduce food waste at home. Does it sound familiar? 

Planning with realistic expectations in mind is key to making smarter purchases, reduce food waste from our fridge and making sure you have everything you need for healthy eating.

Here are some tips that from The Healthiest Choice we use every time we are going to buy:

Plan your purchase before going to the market 

In other words, write on your phone or paper by hand what you need to buy and once in the supermarket go directly to the items on your list. This way you will save time and avoid buying unhealthy food that you don’t need. It is advisable to make 2 weekly purchases, unless you have a very well established routine and there are no changes of usual plans. Since we usually have too high expectations about how many times we are going to cook / eat at home. This is also essential to reduce food waste and save money.

By making two weekly purchases, you can significantly reduce the number of products that can be spoiled.

Take an inventory of what’s at home

Before you go to the supermarket to buy more food, check what you have in your fridge and kitchen cabinets. Try to cook your next meals using some of the ingredients that are about to perish along with a few new ones that you just bought at the supermarket. If not, you will end up buying more of the same ingredients and you won’t be able to reduce food waste in your pantry.

Be realistic with your calendar

Try to look at your weekly calendar and be honest with the plans you have and the number of times you will cook at home. It is the key to buying the right and necessary.

Purchase in the section of products that are about to expire to reduce food waste

If your supermarket has a section of discounted products that are about to expire, don’t waste it! Use those cheap ingredients that are part of your meal prep.

Consider eating more vegetables

We must feel lucky because in our country it is one of the places in Europe where we have vegetables at a very affordable price, especially seasonal ones. Increasing the purchase (and intake) of vegetables and reducing that of processed products is a win-win, you will save a lot of money and improve your diet considerably. Vegetables are a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and with very few calories.

Organize your fridge

We all have a bag of spinach rotting at the end of the vegetable drawer, or a tupper of something cooked 1 week ago that you no longer remember what it is.

Make sure you have the oldest ingredients or are about to perish in sight, and place the new ingredients on the back of the shelves and drawers. In this way, you will remember what you should eat before not to waste it.

Buy natural products in bulk containers

Especially with nuts, grains, spices and olives. You will reduce the use of plastic and be more aware of the amount of food you buy, and the price of bulk products is usually cheaper. In addition, bulk products are usually of higher quality and natural (especially with nuts).


If you are not into going to the market because you don’t like cooking or it’s just too much time, at The Healthiest Choice we provide healthy and delicious meals everyday. Check out our menu and order now!