The need of having a clean fridge is not only for a good appearance, it is also vital to reduce the food waste we produce when we don’t consume what we already have due to the mess.

Besides all this, having a messy fridge gives the appearance that there is not enough room to storage your food, making it even harder for you to have control of what goes in and out of your fridge. 

Use containers on the shelfs to separate different products.

Containers are a great way to keep your fridge organised, it takes little time & money investment to get a few of them. Once you have them you can print tags and use them to separate different products like meat or chicken. 

Containers are also a great idea to store the food you use for your breakfast such as cheese, sausages or bacon. This way you can have a better control of what you have and you will be able to have a better use for these products.

Store all your sauces in upside down in container on the fridge’s door.

Sauce containers are a mess, you have them all over the fridge and you never know how much is left of them, it’s even a burden to squeeze them and try to get them out of their bottles because of the cold.

Save time and space by placing them upside down in a container on the fridge’s door. Let mother gravity do the hard work for you & have all your sauces at the reach of your fingers at all time. 

Keep all your mixed greens & fresh spices on jars instead of bags 

Don’t use bags for your fresh spices or lettuce, it will look disorganised and it will make your food rot faster. By keeping these kind of fresh products in jars, you can have a better control of what you have it will keep fresh all the time. 

Have a snack zone

This is really important, by having a snack zone you take away the possibilities of wondering and moving all the food in your fridge in a quest of finding a snack. Separate what you know you always have as a snack and keep a clean and organised fridge. 

Separate a shelf for your meal prep

Simplify your life and use the upper shelf of your fridge to store all your meal preps. This way your fridge will stay organised and you will know where everything is located. 


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