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Its no secret that people don’t have time to cook healthy food nowadays, they work an entire shift or even more in some cases and when they get home the last thing they want to think about is cooking dinner or lunch for the next day and after cleaning the kitchen. 

That means more work and less time to rest and relax. It gets worse when you are a “Gourmet” or you are just into healthy food, meaning you have to go to the supermarket and look for a lot of ingredients that you may just use once or twice in a month, it’s just a waste of time that you could be using for other things you really want to do. 

On the other hand, there are people that don’t know how to cook or they simply don’t like it. That’s why many have turned to use apps like Glovo, Uber Eats, Deliveroo or other companies for food delivery. It is more common to see a growth in the food delivery industry compared to past years. These platforms allow you to choose almost anything to eat delivered to your home or work office, specially healthy food, which is a trend that is growing stronger everyday as people are trying to take a better care of themselves 

Here are 5 reasons why you should think about ordering healthy food in Barcelona: 

1. Almost anything can be made healthy

That’s right, almost any kind of food can be made healthy food. Its just a question of knowing where to order and what to order. It’s like our parents or grandparents told us a we were kids: “ Too much of one thing is bad for you”  

So if you are thinking about ordering healthy “Fries”, there is no problem with that, as long as you don’t eat only healthy fries ( they are pure carbs). You also need Proteins and healthy fats to have a macro balanced meal. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of restaurants and food delivery companies that provide healthy food with all the nutrients your body needs. One clear example of it is The Healthiest Choice, our dishes are composed by proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats ( plus a lot of veggies for the micro nutrients) 

Like The Healthiest Choice there are also other companies that provide delicious and healthy food in Barcelona. Some examples of these companies are :

  1. Sana Vida
  2. Fit Kitchen 
  3. Vegetalia
  4. Coco Kitchen
  5. Honest Greens

2. Most of the healthy food deliveries adapt to your needs

Many people struggle when it comes to eating out or ordering in because they are on a special diet or they just know what their bodies need when it comes to food. That’s what makes it really hard for them if they don’t have time to make their own food because the majority of restaurants don’t adapt to their needs. 

Fortunately that’s not the case with most of the healthy food companies. At The Healthiest Choice we know and care for your eating requirements, that’s why we offer our daily deliveries clients the option to add extra protein, extra carbs, remove carbs and even get the vegan version of every dish we cook, as well as the version that is adapted to their allergies or intolerances. 

Each healthy food delivery service tries to meet these requirements in their own way but it is certainly a plus to have in mind when ordering healthy food in Barcelona. 

3. Healthy food is different

Yes, the food is different. You can feel it while you eat it, you can feel it when you are done eating and you can feel it during the day. Healthy food can impact your lifestyle in many ways. In other words, if you eat good you feel good.

When you start eating the amount of nutrients you really need and stop eating processed food and artificial stuff your body can notice it, the flavour is different to start, you will feel less “heavy” ( That sensation you get when you eat so much and you just want to take a nap because you are tired ) during your day and you will have more energy.

Do you ever feel like taking a nap right after eating? Or have you ever felt heavy, tired and stunned after a great meal?  Sugar and insulin are the key elements on which we depend that we feel burdened or heavy after a meal.  The intake of many carbohydrates, or processed products filled with sugars causes extreme increases in blood glucose, and the consequent elevated secretion of insulin to counteract.

At The Healthiest Choice we cut all the processed products and sugars ( its forbidden in our kitchen ) In a healthy adult, insulin performs its function very efficiently, removing all glucose from the bloodstream. It is at this precise moment when we feel tired and want to sleep. Our body asking for a nap is nothing more than the precipitous drop in blood glucose (resulting from an extreme rise in glucose).

The result of eating healthy food is that you won’t feel tired and you’ll have more energy throughout your day.

4. You can get the food you like and never get tired of it

One of the main problems people face with food is that they don’t know what they want to eat or they are just tired of eating always the same thing. We all have been there, every day we have to make a choice of what we are going to eat and think about what we are going to eat the next day.

Sometimes you don’t have time and you just put together whatever you have at hand but its not really good food and you don’t really like it. Other people just don’t know how to cook and they end up in the same situation. 

Healthy food delivery companies keep this in mind when they design their weekly menu. At The Healthiest Choice we like to get all the feedback from our customers and taking that into consideration we design a healthy meal based on our customers preferences and background and we never repeat the same dish in the entire month.

By doing this and creating new healthy dishes healthy food delivery companies such as ourselves can manage to have over 50 healthy dishes and variations of them for the enjoyment of our customers . 

5. Buying from these companies helps reducing food waste

Have you ever had to throw food away because it expired in your fridge? Even though you thought that you were going to use it all, you had to throw it away. You are not the only that has had to go through this. A lot of people throw away food they never use because they don’t know how to plan their food for the week or simply the lack the knowledge of how to go to the supermarket.

These kind of companies present an opportunity to people to help reduce food waste, since all the food is controlled and weighted in the kitchen, the waste is almost non existent and everyone can contribute to more sustainable society.

Next Steps

Now you know the facts and the perks of eating healthy food, it’s just a matter of making a decision to start changing your life. You can contact us at any time for more information or you can just start ordering through the following link: